Scott Cooper Scam Contractor Gets Sentenced to 13 Years in Prison

Scott Cooper pleaded guilty to four counts of theft by deception in March, admitting to stealing a total of $600,000 from at least 15 customers in the Louisville area.

In court, Cooper told the judge he had “made some bad decisions” and was remorseful. He apologized to his victims, saying “they deserved better.”

Judge Barry Willett said 13 years was an appropriate sentence based on Cooper’s criminal history and the amount of money stolen.

“I’m glad that he got what he got,” Eakins said. “That’s really all I have to say about it.”

Cooper was also ordered to pay restitution to his victims.

Cooper said he left his victims because he couldn’t afford to finish the work.

“I had no money,” he said. “I had no money, I had no insurance, I had nothing to back me up.”

He said he plans to pay back his victims and make amends.

“I want to make sure that I give them a check and I want to make sure that I take responsibility,” Cooper said.

Meanwhile, some have called for a longer sentence for Cooper.

“That is wrong,” Walter Akel said. “That’s an insult to the community.”

Scott Cooper Scam and the BBB

The BBB is asking people to be very careful when hiring contractors, especially when dealing with someone new. Ask questions, check references, and always get a written estimate.

You can read the full BBB report on Scott Cooper here.

The Better Business Bureau recommends that consumers exercise caution when considering any offer or agreement with Scott Cooper, Adam Smith, or Precision Restoration. The BBB has given the company an “F” rating.

Consumers should ask for references, get everything in writing and not pay in full until the job is complete and satisfactory. Customers should also contact the BBB and their local attorney general’s office to verify any claims or promises made by the company.

“This con artist targeted my elderly mother and her two neighbors. A heavy-set man, in his 30’s, who goes by the alias “Adam Smith,” went door to door and convinced homeowners to open roofing claims for wind damage. He had them sign a paper with letterhead “Castlerock Restoration” that stated if the insurance will cover the whole roof, the homeowner will agree to hire his company as the contractor, or else there will be a penalty of $1500. He indeed met with these homeowners’ adjusters and had the adjusters personally email him their quotes, and all three ladies were awarded new roofs. He then called my mother and another neighbor today asking for a “materials deposit,” upwards of $7,000. He also asked to make a check out to another name, not the listed company. When one neighbor became suspicious and refused, he became very volatile and aggressive with her and said he would put a lien on her house. He shared a story with me the other day while I was out with the adjuster during the roof inspection about his child passing on Father’s Day. Today I Google searched obituaries from that time, and unfortunately found his child’s obit, but the father’s name was not Adam Smith, however “Scott Adam Cooper.” I searched this new name and popped up a mugshot of the same guy from 2/1/18 for theft and fraud. I called BBB and they do not have a record of this supposed company, however his real name there is A business called “precision Restoration”.”

BBB Scam Tracker on Scott Cooper

Scott Cooper Scam Contractor Not Affiliated With Legit Company, Castlerock Restoration

The BBB does not endorse or recommend any services or products provided by any of these companies. We remind consumers to research any company or individual before doing business with them.